Kyoto Kimono Sampo: A Luxury Kimono Rental and a Visiting Kimono Dresser Service in Kyoto




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Styling in sync with the city of Kyoto with
“Kyoto Kimono Sampo”and“Shiroi Karasu”

Shrines and temples that tell old tales, a labyrinth of alleyways: only by walking could one truly feel the enchantment of Kyoto.
It is becoming increasing popular for ladies to wander around the streets dressed in rental Kimonos.
We are Kimono dressers without a storefront; we visit your hotel and help you put on a Kimono as well as do your hair and apply makeup. Just make a reservation with us; we do all the other preparations. Let’s take a walk in Kyoto.

“Shiroi Karasu”Kimono Style

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A Kimono with subtle patterns with a bold dyed obi belt. Or perhaps a combination of a solid coloured Kimono, which compliments your looks, with a metropolitan nine-inch obi? Maybe even a neat“tsuke-shita” Kimono with elegant patterns, along with a glamorous looped fukuro-obi? There are no limits to styling with our Kimonos.
We offer Kimonos that bring out the best in you, rather than covering you up.

“Shiroi Karasu”
6-6-21, Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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